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Making the Way as Your Leading Aircraft Parts Supplier

At AR Sales, we're more than just an aircraft and Helicopter parts supplier – we're the leading supplier of Aircraft and helicopter spares, expandable items and accessories, and other components worldwide. We've achieved that designation the only way we know how: offering the highest quality small aircraft parts, engines and accessories through exceptional, expert service.

Since our business started, Our dedication to excellence has made us the largest aircraft parts supplier across India, fueling the passions of general aviation pilots who continue to soar high in the skies. Whether you need assistance with component planning or sourcing, we are here to provide our expert services.


 But we do not just expect you to take our word for it. To differentiate ourselves from the crowd of other aircraft spare parts suppliers, we have built our reputation on partnerships with leading manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers you know and trust. We are on the path to expanding our solution catalogue in India, including Component MRO, in-house repair solutions, as well as holding inventory on-site to cater to market demand for fast-moving items.


As a leading aircraft parts supplier, we understand that every customer's needs are unique and intriguing to serve the query in profound time.

Let our expert knowledge of aircraft parts, and accessories give you the best value for your investment. You're just a phone call away from an accomplished specialist ready to help you find the small aircraft parts you need.


Give us a call at 9773843277 and write to us at sales@arsales.in to learn how we can help you keep your aircraft fleet flying and soaring.

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